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Working for you, with you 


The next Senedd elections are taking place in May 2021. In preparation, Labour Party members across the region will have the opportunity to determine whether to reselect me as one of your Mid and West Wales regional list candidates for that election in a process known as a ‘trigger ballot’.


I would be very grateful if you would grant me the honour to represent you again as it has been an incredible privilege to serve as your representative for Mid & West Wales since 2016. This has been a very turbulent period for politics and our society, and I would like to continue to focus my efforts in the next few months on keeping you and Wales safe.

As an experienced politician and campaigner, I understand that in our movement, our unity is our strength.  When we are united, we win together for our Party and our communities. 


Despite the challenges of Brexit and Covid-19, working with my team, the local Constituency Labour Party and members, I hope that you will agree that we have achieved a great deal together, sharing our values and working to make Mid and West Wales a better place to live and work.  I have highlighted some of my personal political and campaign highlights over the last term in my accompanying leaflet for your consideration.


Your vote for me in the trigger ballot is an endorsement of our hard work.  Now, more than ever, we need to retain our Welsh Labour Government against the threat of Plaid’s nationalism and the devastation that could be wreaked on our communities if the Tories win big in Wales.

Welsh Labour has shielded our people and communities from the worst of the Tories’ austerity agenda.  I am proud to have helped deliver our Socialist agenda for the many, not the few and look forward to building on our manifesto commitments for a fairer future built on the Welsh Labour Difference in Wales.  

Foggy Forest

supporting our environment.

The environment is the bedrock of our economy, our security and our
wellbeing and we need to do all in our power to maintain our rich
wealth of biodiversity in Wales.

As a Government, environmental protection is our priority.

I am committed to tackling climate change, to improving our environment, building a sustainable economy and ensuring that our
animal welfare standards continue to be fit for purpose.

My work for you:

Key player in developing the Welsh Government’s Low Carbon Wales strategy

Proud member of the first Government to declare a climate emergency

At the forefront of the Lucy’s Law Wales campaign - resulting in new legislation plans to tackle third-party puppy sales

Launched 'Bertie the Seabass' plastic free initiative - supporting local projects in towns across Mid & West Wales

Campaigned with Labour members at climate change strikes across the region


Pushed for strong mitigation measures to be put in place for towns such as Fairbourne, which are likely to be impacted by climate change

Due to plant the ten millionth tree on behalf of the Welsh Government in a development project in Mbale, Uganda


Proposed concept of a National Forest of Wales during 2018 leadership election

Champion of the endangered pine-marten species


Initiated tree planting project in schools across Mid & West Wales

Previously responsible for establishing the £7m Energy Smart Centre

Ben Gwalchmai

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Cllr. Vic Dennis

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Linda Goodman

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People Walking

making lives better.

At the heart of the Welsh Labour Government is a commitment to making
the lives of people across Wales better - it is why I got involved in politics. 

Our industrial past took a heavy toll on the health of our Nation and I am

proud that our pledges keep people in Wales active and healthy for as long

as they can be.

As we live longer, we must support older people to age well.  I have championed care for older people, calling for a new approach and the
establishment of a designated National Care Service for Wales.


As a back-bencher, I established a steering group to address issues of
concern and put arts into the health agenda during my time as chair of
a dedicated cross-party group, and am now able to put this into
practice in a cross governmental role.

Day to day, my office and I deal with residents from across the region in

helping them to manage difficult situations. Changes by the UK Government and the introduction of Universal Credit have increased cases relating to

benefit claims and have ultimately made those who need our help the most, worse off.

Mental health has been a dominating theme and a key topic of focus in
our work. Working with Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis, we have
strived to encourage greater understanding of the relationship between
mental well-being and debt. Working with local charities and organisations,

we took the message across the region of Mid & West Wales, delivering a

series of money advice and well-being awareness sessions.

Most recently, in response to the alarming rate of male suicides (particularly

in rural communities), I launched the #IPledge2Talk campaign, which has sought to tackle stigma, to raise awareness and to encourage a more open approach to mental well-being.

I have always believed in a grassroots approach to shaping the Government’s agenda and in the summer of 2018, I undertook a listeningexercise, going 'beyond the bubble' of Cardiff Bay to hear the voicesand concerns of people from all across Wales


My work for you:


Championing mental health, establishing national #IPledge2Talk campaign

Proposed new National Care Service for Wales

Established cross-party group on Arts & Health in the Senedd

Partnered with SameYou charity to raise awareness of neuro-rehabilitation

in Wales

Hosted series of Money Advice Sessions across all 8 Mid & West Wales constituencies

Established 'Jo-Cox Cymru 'awards to celebrate Welsh community champions

Organised an event at the Senedd to raise awareness of the relationship between mental health & debtwith Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis

Launched Diolch Doc campaign, to thank foreign-born health workers for
their contribution to the Welsh NHS

Steered Welsh response to Coronavirus as key member of Covid-19 Welsh Government task-force


Lee Phillips
Money Advice Service

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Sara Moseley
Director - MIND Cymru

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Mary Wimbury
Care Forum Wales

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championing economic prosperity in rural areas

Rural Wales is characterised by its tremendous beauty - a uniquely clean environment for business development with vast opportunities to harness nature as an economically important resource.

As someone who has served Mid & West Wales, as both an MEP and MS, I
understand the challenges that set us apart from other parts of Wales.

That is why I teamed up with business and academics to develop a Rural Economic Plan, setting out new ideas to fulfil the economic potential and
future sustainability of rural communities.

Working to maximise potential by...

Promoting shop local campaigns, across the region, encouraging consumers to support local, independent retailers.

Supporting small and medium-sized businesses across the region.


Launching an awareness campaign to encourage businesses to take advantage of Welsh Government support.

Consulting on key issues through a series of regional surveys.

Establishing a rural economy advisory steering group, which has published proposals unique to the needs of rural Wales.

Being a strong voice in Government, advocating the needs of the rural economy at every opportunity.

Supporting the Newtown Bypass project.

Overseeing an ambitious rural apprenticeship programme as Minister for Lifelong Learning, generating local jobs.

Influencing the Welsh Government’s new tourism strategy.

Establishing the rural skills taskforce to develop a long-term proposals for rural prosperity.

Endorsement >

Dr Glen Peters
Chief Executive Officer of Western Solar Ltd
Sue Balsom

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Education Books Bookshelfs

education & culture.

Our language is one of our national treasures. It is part of what
defines us as a people and as a nation. As the Minister for Welsh
Language, and one of the few elected Labour representatives who speaks
Welsh, my ambition is to see the number of people speaking and using
Welsh reach a million by 2050 and to secure the vitality of the
language for future generations.

As a Government, we have a responsibility to ensure that everyone has
the opportunity to fulfil their potential and to reach the highest
standards. We want Wales to be a country that gives equal esteem to
vocational education by strengthening the link between learning and
the world of work. As the former Minister for lifelong learning, I am
proud that during this Assembly term over a hundred thousand
apprentices in Wales will have received support from the Welsh Labour
Government - far exceeding those of England. On top of this, thousands
of people across Wales have gone on to secure employment or improve
their skills, after completing their training under our ambitious Jobs
Growth Wales programme.

Proud to be part of a Government that has:


Invested more than two billion pounds in 21st Century Schools

Supported the expansion of Welsh medium education in schools

Promoted Welsh language 

Achieved record numbers of apprentices and completion rates of over 80 per cent

Protected the Education Maintenance Allowance Action to help break the poverty link through the Pupil Deprivation Grant

Authored and published the Welsh Government Employability plan – achieving our economic inactivity targets in a year

Seen a record fall in youth unemployment 15,000 jobs for young people through

Jobs Growth Wales, and a fall in economic inactivity

Provided millions of free breakfasts in primary schools

Achieved record exam results

Established a taskforce to explore ways of improving wellbeing and mental health

in education settings

Prof. Medwin Hughes
Vice Chancellor
Trinity St Davids

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championing the nation.

New trade deals, closer ties with historic partners and a strengthened
international presence form the basis of my vision for ‘Wales in the

As the proud first holder of the Welsh Government International
Relations portfolio, I am committed to developing a renewed,
reinvigorated and ambitious outlook for Wales, as a cornerstone of our
post-Brexit future.

My work for you:


Growing the prosperity of Wales by increasing the numbers of Welsh businesses

which export internationally


Exploring opportunities to attract high quality foreign investment

Putting Wales on the map as the first nation in the world to put the UN sustainability goals into law through our Future Generations Act

Using the Welsh language and bilingualism to promote Wales on the
international stage


Engaging with stakeholders to develop and inform thinking around a new, comprehensive strategy, fit for a post-Brexit World.

Pushing for maximum participation in negotiations on the UK’s future relationship

with the EU and other trading partners to ensure that Wales’ interests are secured.

Working with educational institutions to increase the number of students studying in Wales

Overseeing an ambitious programme to achieve 1 million Welsh Speakers by 2025
Promoting Wales as an open, inclusive nation of sanctuary.